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About K-Motion

Moving with K-Motion

Located in the Niagara Region, K-Motion is a privately owned and operated truck transportation business. Based in the small town of Port Colborne, K-Motion takes its responsibility of quality service seriously. In 2001, founder John Konc and family began offering exceptional international transportation services that specializes in trucking refrigeration and general freight.  

K-Motion specialized in:

  • General Freight
  • Refrigeration
  • Insurance Secured Deliveries

With a growing list of customers based out of Ontario and the Great Lake States, K-Motion’s dedication to transportation excellence is proven daily.

K-Motion guarantees services that always provide:

  • On time pick-up and delivery
  • Product tracking from point to point
  • Less Handling (eliminating likelihood of damaged goods)
  • 24 hour contact in case of problem or transport delay
  • Open, honest and straightforward service

Transporting your Business

What can K-Motion do for you, you ask? K-Motion understands the needs of large and small businesses at all stages in the market growth. Proving our success, K-Motion’s history of transporting client goods is founded on offering competitive services without compromising on quality deliveries.

K-Motion’s transport capabilities include: 

  • Transporting perishable freights
  • Heated and cooled freight trucks
  • Across-Border trucking 
  • Careful delivery of live plants and flowers
  • Strong customer satisfaction  

Forging the Trail

The choices available to freight service customers are vast. K-Motion solves your transportation needs by resolving questions you have about Custom Brokers, Freight Forwarders and Third party Logistics.

The answer, our customers find, is simple: K-Motion’s personalized, safe and quality service. 

K-Motion’s dedication to maintaining the highest level of safety for our drivers, the public and our customers simply puts us ahead of the pack. 

Who we serve

With headquarters located in the Niagara Region, K-Motion is geographically optimized to rapidly service customers across Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and the American Great Lake States. Our high standard of service expected by our current customers can be guaranteed to small business and Fortune 500 customers alike! 

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